bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a parcel and e-commerce logistics provider in the Benelux, North America and Asia. They deliver mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and provide logistic services to businesses and consumers, while reducing the impact on the environment and the communities.

As one of the largest employers in Belgium, bpost plays a major role in society. The organisation sees it as its duty to set an example. This is why their ambition is to make the company processes and culture sustainable. In so doing, they are able to achieve a ‘sustainable growth’ and be recognized by stakeholders (customers, shareholders, government, employees, suppliers, trade unions, NGOs) as a socially responsible company. It is also important to them that customers know that their letters, parcels and logistics are processed in a responsible way.


    As one of Belgium’s leading companies, bpost wishes to play a pioneer role in environmental protection and has set itself the goal of reducing CO₂ emissions from its activities by at least 20% by 2030. This ambition is in line with the climate targets adopted under the 2015 Paris agreement. This has also been approved by the “Science Based Target” initiative, which helps companies to establish consistent targets based on the path set by the Paris agreement.

    Bpost has procured sustainable transport options for its operations:

    • 2.500 bicycles
    • 2.659 electric bicycles
    • 368 electric delivery three-wheelers
    • 22 eTrikes, 35 eVans added in 2018

    Green buildings:

    •  eco-friendly distribution centre in Mons (Belgium)
    • 100% green electricity
    • 31.503 m2 (4,83 MWp) solar energy capacity installed
    • Installation wind turbine (2,5 MW) planned






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        IN ACTION


        To support bpost's CSR ambition, procurement is taking measures and including criteria for reducing environmental and climate impacts and taking into account the circular economy. During the Summer of 2019 bpost adopted an Action Plan Sustainable Procurement which included the strategic & operational objectives for 2020-23.

        The main goals are:

        • The alignment & contribution to bpost’s CSR Policy;
        • Anchoring bpost’s green goals within every purchase;
        • Create partnerships with (internal) stakeholders;
        • Set up reporting tools & procedures;
        • Professionalization of public procurement;
        • Set up a communication approach.

        Ongoing actions include:

        • Inspiring the department by organizing trainings and lectures
        • Monitoring and scoring of suppliers’ CSR performance
        • Setting up a short & long term strategy of sustainable purchases
        • Participation networking
        • Collaboration with other companies


        bpost runs Belgium’s biggest electric fleet and broadens it with the Colibus, a first for the Belgian parcel market. Colibus is a full-electric vehicle, specially designed for the parcel market to replace average-sized diesel vans in urban areas. This vehicle is able to carry more than 100 parcels.

        The new Colibus is not only clearly more environmentally friendly than the existing vans. It is also safer and more ergonomic in use, as the driver can either exit through the door on the left (as in a traditional vehicle) or through a door towards the cargo space and then through a door on the right, closer to the ground. This is an improvement in ergonomic terms, as drivers no longer need to turn while exiting, which reduces the physical stresses on their body.


        bpost has built an eco-friendly distribution centre in the City of Mons (Belgium). The optimally insulated building is equipped with solar panels and distribution of letters and parcels in Mons will be done by electric vehicles. These innovations enable bpost to achieve significantly better energy performances at the Mons distribution centre, with electricity consumption cut by 18% and gas consumption by 55% compared with average consumption at the other distribution centres.


        Key sectors for bpost's sustainable procurement are:

        • Public works projects
        • Energy
        • Last Mile Delivery
        • Fleet
        • Events
        • Textile products

        Furthermore, a new Toolbox of sustainable procurement will support the integration of environmental aspects in every category.



        For further information on the activities of bpost visit their website:


        or email procurement@iclei.org