The Procura+ Manual provides clear, easy-to-understand guidance
for any European public authority on how to implement sustainable

The Procura+ Manual includes:

  • practical advice on how to integrate sustainability into procurement;
  • a model for systematically implementing sustainable procurement – the Procura+ Management Cycle;
  • an exploration of the possibilities for sustainable and innovation procurement set out within the 2014 Directives, including how they can be applied in practice;
  • key guidance on sustainable procurement approaches for six high-priority product groups – construction, IT equipment, cleaning products, food, vehicles and electricity; and
  • links and references throughout the text to good practice examples from around Europe, more detailed information on the product groups covered and a variety of further implementation tools.


You can download the Procura+ Manual here.

"The practical steps included in the manual, with the focus on the 2014 Procurement Directives, are a great reference point for making sure I am approaching SPP the right way in my day-to-day work."

David Morgan, Cornwall County Council

"I would recommend this manual as starting point for any organisation, both public and private, that wants to be more sustainable and innovative in their procurement approaches."

Katja Kardikova, City of Oslo

"Even though our administration has been doing sustainable procurement for many years, I found information and ideas in the manual that help us to improve and evolve."

Patrizia Giancotti, Metropolitan City of Rome