Socially Reponsible Public Procurement of ICT

Public authorities have the power to use procurement to create better working conditions and protect the rights of workers and communities by purchasing products that have been procured in a socially responsible manner.

The Procura+ Interest Group on Socially Responsible Public Procurement (SRPP) aims

  • to support public authorities in procuring information and communication technology (ICT) hardware products and
  • to foster the exchange on procurement activities as part of the Make ICT Fair Project.

With the expertise of Electronics Watch, Procura+ Network  and ICLEI Europe, procurement guidance including criteria and verfication schemes are being developed that consider social responsibility throughout the whole supply-chain of ICT products. These are applied by five pilot authorities: Greater London Authority (GLA), Region Stockholm, Barcelona City Council, Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges Scotland (APUC) , and Gemeente Haarlem.

Piloting Public Authorities


APUC - Scotland, UK

Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) is an Electronics Watch Affiliate. The pilot authority has experience in integrating not only green but also criteria to achieve a socially responsible procurement. More specifically, the consortium supports various universities and colleges across Scotland to implement sustainable public procurement.

More details on their pioneering tender as part of Make ICT Fair will follow shortly.

How to procure fair ICT hardware

Barcelona - Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona City Council is both Procura+ Participant and Electronics Watch Affiliate. This pilot authority went through the process of integrating selected criteria, clauses and specifications for social responsibility in a tender of datacenters during Spring/Summer 2019.

The respective Meet the Buyer Event took place 27th February 2019 in Barcelona.

"I was pleasantly surprised at the interest shown by the suppliers and companies. It shows that it really is a topical issue. It is a good time to move forward”
- Carla Canal Rosich, Barcelona City Council

An introduction to Make ICT Fair - EN

Haarlem - The Netherlands

The City of Haarlem is another pilot authority of the project. In Spring 2019 a restricted tender on workplace hardware will be published. This means the procurement is divided in two rounds. One round for selecting a few interested parties and one round to select the best offer. The criteria and clauses of the tender will include social responsibility with the aim to go beyond previous efforts.

Make ICT Fair - einleitendes Leaflet - DE

Stockholm - Sweden

The Region of Stockholm is also an Affiliate to Electronics Watch. In the past, the pioneering authority has advanced social responsibility criteria and clauses into multiple tenders. As a result the authority holds significant experience, especially when it comes to contract management.

London - UK

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is both Electronics Watch Affiliate and Procura+ Participant. As strategic regional authority it holds powers over transport, policing, economic development and fire and emergency planning. The GLA Group spends around £11billion on its procurement activities every year. As part of Make ICT Fair  the GLA aims to include criteria and clauses on social responsibility in an upcoming tender that focusses on ICT in transport sector.

More details on their pioneering tender will follow shortly.

Meet the Buyer Event Series

The Make ICT Fair Meet the Buyer - Series brings together public procurers and suppliers in the field of ICT from all over Europe or in a local context to discuss upcoming tenders that aim to pioneer social responsibility and transparency in supply chains.

The event series aims to (1) inform about social responsibility in ICT procurement processes; (2) give space to present the upcoming tender as well as good practice examples for socially responsible procurement of ICT products; (3) facilitate the exchange between the public authority and potential suppliers and resellers with regards to their needs and capacities, respectively.



Conferences, Workshops & other events

Aim of the Make ICT Fair project is to exchange on the topics of socially responsible procurement, ICT hardware, supply-chains starting at mining of raw materials.

Make ICT Fair - Meet the Buyer



The Electronics Watch Annual Conference, 4th December, Barcelona, Spain

More information

Conference on Fair and Circular ICT, 9th December, Ghent, Belgium

More information

Fair Begegnen, Fair Gestalten, 18-20 September, Cologne

More information

7th conference on socially responsible procurement of IT products - Leipzig, 9&10th May 2019

More information

Project Partners

Swedwatch (Sweden)

Südwind (Austria)

Catapa (Belgium)

Electronics Watch (Europe-wide)

People & Planet (UK)

Setem (Catalunya)

University of Edinburgh (UK) 

Bankwatch Network (Central & Eastern Europe)



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