Sustainable and Healthy Food Procurement

All children and young people go to school. It is the place where they usually spend much of their time. They need good food to grow, concentrate and stay healthy. They also have the right to healthy, adequate, safe and sustainably produced food and good health in order to reach their full potential.

School food is an essential service provided by local governments in many countries. School catering represents a significant share of the procurement budget of many local governments. For example, the Municipality of Copenhagen (Denmark) has 80 large kitchens (with an average budget of €70,000 per year) and serves 20,000 meals a day to its schools. Today’s food systems account for 21-37% of total greenhouse gas emissions and are a primary cause of environmental degradation, socioeconomic and health inequalities. Still, governments rarely link food systems, and in particular food consumption emissions, to their climate action targets.

The City Interest Group on Sustainable and Healthy Food Procurement has been set up to enable cities to share their experiences on the topic and work towards achieving greater results for their sustainability goals.

The Group is coordinated by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and has been formed as part of the European project COACH and SchoolFood4Change,  funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

In a series of online meetings, the members discuss their achievements, goals and the challenges they face as they strive to procure sustainable food and catering services. More specifically, the Group aims to:

  • Share lessons from those with practical experience
  • Provide support to group members to develop tangible sustainable procurement actions and criteria
  • Inform the StratKIT procurement recommendations for policy makers
  • Link up with European and global developments

Interest Group Participants

Belgium: City of Ghent

Denmark: City of Aarhus, City of Copenhagen

Estonia: City of Tallinn

Finland: City of Helsinki

Italy: City of Fano

Lithuania: City of Ladzijai

Lativa: City of Riga

Poland: City of Rybnik and City of Izabelin

Portugal: City of Torres Vedras

Slovenia: City of Medvode

Interest Group Events



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