Circular Public Procurement

Circular procurement promotes consideration of the whole life-cycle of goods and services, in order to avoid negative environmental impacts and waste creation, and achieve an overall reduction in the amount of energy and materials consumed. Including circular principles in procurement can help procurers take a more holistic approach to sustainability throughout the procurement cycle - while also achieving potential savings.

The Procura+ Interest Groups on circular procurement brings together participants who wish to collaborate on this common topic of interest. The purpose of the Interest Group will be to:

  • Share lessons from those with practical experience
  • Provide support to group members to develop tangible circular procurement actions and criteria, mainstream circular procurement at the organisational level
  • Inform the next generation of circular procurement.

The interest group is a unique chance for procurers from across Europe to learn from each other in how to support the transition to a circular economy through their procurement.

This group was established with support from Circular PP and is currently supported by CityLoops. It is also affiliated with the UN One Planet Network and the European Circular Cities Declaration.

Interest Group Participants

Belgium: Bpost, Ghent, Government of Wallonia, OVAM, Schaerbeek

Canada: ECPAR, Recycling Council of Ontario

Denmark: Aalborg, Gate 21, Høje-Taastrup, Roskilde

Finland: Espoo, Helsinki, Helsinki Environmental Services, Mikkeli

France: RESECO

Latvia: Latvian Environmental Investment Fund

Netherlands: Apeldoorn, Haarlem, Province of Zeeland, Rijskwaterstaat

Norway: Bodo, NRI, Oslo

Portugal: Guimaraes, LIPOR

Spain: Government of Catalonia, LIPASAM, Murcia, Seville, Valladolid

Sweden: Malmö

UK:  APUC, Fife College, Robert Gordon University, SEPA, Sustainable Global Resources, Transport for London, University of Edinburg, University of Strathclyde, Welsh Government, Zero Waste Scotland








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