Webinar series on socially responsible ICT procurement - 5 case studies of good practice

 09 November & 10 December 2020

This webinar series showcased 5 'good practice' examples within the Make ICT Fair project and provided an opportunity for procurers and those interested in procurement to learn from experts that were were vital to the process and achievement of including social criteria and clauses into ICT procurement tenders.


The City of Barcelona on how market engagement helps to include social criteria,, Carla Canal, Barcelona City Council

The Municipality of Haarlem on how to address internal ICT procurement needs while including social criteria, Rudie de Vries, Municipality of Haarlem

The Municipality of Stavanger on criteria and market response, Elin Seveholt, City of Stavanger

APUC Scotland on contract clauses & Key Performance Indicators, Michael McLaughlin, APUC Scotland

Region Stockholm on lessons learned on how to keep social criteria alive, Kathleen McCaughey, Region Stockholm