The 2022 Procura+ Seminar organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, hosted by the Municipality of Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium and carried out in collaboration with the COACH project provides updates on latest European developments in sustainable, strategic, circular and innovation procurement. As always, the cutting-edge event provides practical support and exchange opportunities for all Procura+ participants, strategic partners and invited experts in the field.

At the core of the 2022 Procura+ Seminar is Farm to Fork Procurement and discussions on collaborative agri-food initiatives anchored in territorial food systems.

The Procura+ Seminar further provides room to connect, exchange and act on any other relevant topics in implementing public procurement. The agenda is driven by the Procura+ participants and is based on their needs. A highlight of the event is the 2022 Procura+ Awards ceremony that will announce this year’s winners in four categories: Circular Procurement of the Year, Innovation Procurement of the Year, Procurement Initiative of the Year and Sustainable Procurement of the Year.

Further activities include:

  • Keynote on Strategic Procurement Policy Developments at the EU level
  • Group discussion by Procura+ participants, providing an overview on the latest European policy developments and public procurement best practices
  • Keynote on Schaerbeek’s procurement strategy in times of green recovery and just transition
  • Inspirational stories from the 2021 Procura+ Award winners
  • Keynote on using strategic public procurement for sustainable food solutions
  • Updates from the Procura+ Network
  • Procura+ Marketplace and exchange session
  • …and much more!

An additional highlight of the Seminar will be the six building sessions participants can take part in during the first day of the event. Participants can choose from the following topics:

  1. How to make circular economy using public procurement strategically more attractive for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises? This session will examine how to engage circular economy and public procurement with micro and small and medium-sized enterprises, while complying with all legal requirements and ensuring a good value for money for public administrations.
  2. Global crises and impacts on sustainability: how can sustainable public procurement help? It is evident that the most recent global crises have had an impact on sustainability. The pandemic, for instance, slowed global supply chains, affecting availability of material and several product categories and causing international shortages. This session will explore the effects of the most recent global crises on the public procurement needs. We will take a close look together to find solutions for the day-to-day work of procurers.
  3. Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Public Procurement – Embedding measurements and verification. The session will focus on how public procurement can incentivize, compare and verify measurements of carbon reductions, on how to measure the environmental impacts of contracted goods, works and services meaningfully to track change over time and on how to set the minimum level of procurement criteria for products and services that are not eco-labelled.
  4. Structural Challenges in Public Procurement. Structural challenges, such as change management and the organizational set up of sustainable, innovation and circular procurement in each organization, often stand in the way of achieving meaningful results. The session will explore how mainstreaming public procurement’s objectives in an integrated manner throughout each organization, and a reconsideration of public authorities’ internal structure could maximize the real impact of Public Procurement.
  5. Public canteens as change makers. The session will showcase how policy advocacy can play a relevant role and explore success factors and strategies based on the example of sustainable food procurement, which is one of the target areas of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy. The session is powered by the European Advocacy Campaign Buy Better Food, led by ICLEI.
  6. How to effectively address "small farmers" - Pushing the COACH project’s ambition towards a renewed Farm to Fork Strategy. The following questions will be the core drivers of the session’s discussion: ‘How to ensure small farmers are linked to (public) consumption in cities? How to include them in tenders in legally valid terms? How can both local governments and farmers benefit without too much bureaucracy and risks?’ The discussions will benefit from inspiring examples from ongoing EU projects (SchoolFood4Change) and initiatives (EU Food Policy Coalition).

The organisers of the seminar are very excited to welcome public procurement professionals from all over Europe in Schaerbeek, to hear about the latest developments in sustainable, green, social, innovation and circular public procurement, and discuss the potential of Europe to boost sustainable and innovation procurement.



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