The 2015 Procura+ Seminar took place on Wed 11 November 2015 in Barcelona at Fabra i Coats. More than 90 participants from over 25 cities and regions explored on "the challenges ahead - designing procurement for a low-carbon future".

The seminar was kindly hosted by Procura+ founding participant Barcelona City Council, GPP 2020 associate partner Barcelona Metropolitan Area and long standing Procura+ participant Barcelona Provincial Council. It is organised in cooperation with the GPP 2020 project consortium.

The Procura+ participants and strategic partners meeting took place on 12 November and resulted in the re-development from a Campaign to the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network.

The programme for the Seminar was designed with a particular focus on learning through application and building relationships among public procurers and experts in Sustainable Public Procurement.

A big thank you to all who attended and contributed to a dynamic and interactive event.


Please download the full report of the event in form of the visual minutes prepared by Creative Connection here.

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PROCURA+ Seminar 2015 Barcelona


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