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E-procurement to make purchasing processes greener

17 March 2016

One of the key changes contained within the new EU public procurement directives is the inclusion of e-procurement as a means to make procurement more transparent and streamlined. Central purchasing bodies within EU Member States are expected to move to full electronic means of communication including electronic bid submission by April 2017. It is expected that e-submission will be mandatory across the EU by October 2018. E-procurement is already being used to improve the sustainability of procurement processes. The Flemish Government is using e-procurement applications to monitor their goal of achieving 100 percent SPP by 2020, while in Rome (Italy) the city has introduced an innovative GPP monitoring system linked to a public procurement electronic information system. It is foreseen that integrating GPP into e-procurement will add to GPP knowledge and training and help to ensure compliance with green criteria. It will also improve visibility through monitoring and reporting of green outcomes and impacts. For more information, read the lead article in the March GPP News Alert.